At Dudugjian & Maxey, we are committed to bringing forth justice for our clients. For over 40 years, we have maintained paramount service to every client we represent. Singular attention and dedication of every client’s case has been fundamental to our proven success. The attorneys at Dudugjian & Maxey are ardent defenders in assuring our clients rights.

Inside and outside of the courthouse, we fight for your rights. The relationship our clients have with our attorneys is established on trust. Civil litigation can be tedious and trying. The skilled team at Dudugjian & Maxey collaborates on each new case to find creative and astute results. Through working meticulously with you to recognize your goals, our team creates a strategy that produces your best chance at a decisive and absolute outcome.

Our attorneys at Dudugjian & Maxey will review your case and give an honest assessment. At Dudugjian & Maxey, we serve clients in cases where we believe we can be of service.